NLB Herren. It's a silver medal!

What a season for the NLB team, undefeated at home until the final! 

The team of coach Luca Stiplosek and coach Nemanja Kovacevic reached the final without ever having lost a game on their home court in Im Birch.

The Vevey team had also suffered a defeat in Birch during the regular season. 

The GC team got off to a great start, holding their own against the strong Vevey team and igniting the crowd, who were hoping for another victory. After the interval, which ended with Vevey leading by only five points, the opposing team started by immediately scoring two triples that weighed heavily on the score of the third quarter. The GC started the last quarter down by 10 points and only in the final minutes did they succumb to Vevey's line-up.

But the Zurich players have nothing to reproach themselves for, because they gave all during the game, and to surrender to a stronger opponent is never a disgrace.

This match showed the progress of the whole team, both the young U23 players who replaced the injured, and the senior players who dragged the team with positive energy throughout the championship. 

Special thanks to the spectators who filled the stands. Your presence supported the team in difficult moments, and seeing the stands full certainly helped boost their spirits. We can speak of a silver medal victory, 100 per cent deserved.

Thanks to all the volunteers, the game officials, the Damen 2 team, the boys and girls of the youth teams at the kiosk, the mums at the merchandising. It was a team effort and part of the silver medal also goes to them.

Last but not least, we thank the sponsors and partners who support the GC basketball project.

We look forward to next season, stay tuned!


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